Let’s start off with a bang!

I spoiled myself with a trip to Long Beach Island (LBI) on Saturday. The hubby was away for a trade show all weekend and I was feeling blue. And I love LBI. My family has gone there for longer than I can remember, and my Nana owned a home by the bay for a lot of years. One of my earliest memories is going onboard the Lucy Evelyn ship; it’s almost like a black and white home movie. A nice lady behind the counter said I was dressed perfectly in my little sailor jacket and the gentleman at the door saluted me. I felt so very special.  My mom and dad held my hands as I walked around; parents are so big and larger than life when you’re that small.

My older brother and sisters were like that, but in a different way.  Since they were in their early 20s and late teens by then, they were grownups but part of the energy  of the shore.  One memory of mine is my Nana giving me my first watch to teach me to tell time.  I looked out the screendoor to show Pat, Mary, and Cathi so they could see how grownup I was!  They were walking from the beach: tanned, barefooted, worn jean shorts and T-shirts, young and vibrant.  Something about that image is so sunny and natural.

So I went to the beach in Barnegat and the Bay Harbor shops in Beach Haven where the Lucy Evelyn hasn’t sat for many years. It was perfect weather and a lot of fun and relaxation.  I took the dogs for even more fun and they sure gave me that! I hated to leave, but it was a serene and comfy drive home with two sleeping dogs and little Elphie staying awake and fighting sleep as long as I was up.


One response to “Let’s start off with a bang!

  1. Welcome to the dark side.

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