When you get caught between the moon and…

We needed to get out the house, but couldn’t agree on where to go. Maybe we needed to get away from each other too. Anyway, we both went out and I headed for the shore.

Cape May was calling my name. Just the thought of walking around in the open air mall, seeing the Victorian homes, and the town’s unique charms…. John didn’t like the idea so it was a good place for a solo night.

The whole evening was wonderful. I zipped down the Parkway, not a lot of traffic, clear night with a large moon. Somewhere between Wildwood and Cape May, I had a pickup truck ride my bumper TIGHT and flash his high beams. Anyone who knows me knows I was not driving slow, and they also know I have a temper and this triggered it. Fortunately, it also triggered my sense of humor, in a sardonic way. I tapped my brakes and sent him swerving into the other lane. He kept playing with me for a few miles, riding my bumper, and at one time, trying to floor around me. But with a open straight ride and no cops around, my Mustang just laughed at his Chevy truck as if it mocked, “She doesn’t even have the pedal half way down, I’m in overdrive and you can’t reach my doors!” The truck gave up and tried the riding the bumper routine with the high beams on again. Another quick tap of the brakes knocked that off and the truck left around Cape May Courthouse, flashing high beams at me. Sore little loser.

Cape May was everything I hoped for. I pulled into town and was immediately behind a horse drawn carriage. I put down the windows to hear what the driver said about the historic buildings. Another carriage came up behind me, and I almost put the top down so I fit better into this caravan of horse vehicles.

I stopped at the open air mall. The Christmas shop added an art gallery upstairs…. sigh, so many wonderful art pieces and I love Christmas shops. From there, I talked to the girl handing out fudge samples, browsed through an actual old five & dime COMPLETE with the soda fountain/ice cream counter! I walked through the bookstore, a t-shirt shop (with one of the stupidest shirts ever, put out by another person blind to what Christianity and religious freedom really means), and the angel on my shoulder kept me from giving into things that ruin diets and things I liked the sight of but didn’t need.

Until the sign for pumpkin and cinnamon twirl custard, which is when the angel on my shoulder left with the devil to get a cone!

I drove around, enjoying the different Halloween decorations and then went to the beach. I had to see the beach…. someone was giving a guided tour of Cape May and I just enjoyed walking along the promenade.

Eventually, I left and took Ocean Drive into Wildwood. I say that like I did it on purpose, but the truth is, I somehow always end up on Ocean Drive. My car must prefer the view, because it was a beautiful. The moon on the water as I crossed over the bridges actually made me stop to see it better.

Cape May has a romance to it, a charm that always makes me wish I lived there. Wildwood has embraced a different era: a retro stylized version of the 50s that makes me glad I’m cruising in a Mustang convertible. And from there I went back on the Parkway.

I didn’t go far before I thought of putting the top down so I could really see the moonlit sky and surroundings. I almost didn’t do it — with the fall breeze? — but then I called myself ridiculous for giving into the voice of some boring surbanite and pulled over. It was the perfect thing to do: the moon lit up the car interior, I could still see it now playing on the water in places, and it was symbolic of the kind of night and trip this was. I felt fantastic.

And after all, I do have heat.

I so enjoyed the drive, I couldn’t believe how fast it went. Without seeming like a blink of an eye, I was at my exit for home.

Beautiful night….

In case you think John got screwed, he was out the door w/o me and didn’t come until after I did. LOL!


2 responses to “When you get caught between the moon and…

  1. Now I know who was driving that “Stang” in front of me…I should have known. I have enjoyed many similar nites like that, when stress gets to me, I take off for the sound of the ocean, it’s the ONLY thing that calms me. About only thing missing was Kohr’s Orange Custard…I can’t hit Wildwood without Kohr’s…

  2. Because I had Kohr’s PUMPKIN and CINNAMON custard! 😉

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