Panic attack!

I set a goal for myself back in the summer.  I would finish the fan novel I have been writing off and on for five years by Thanksgiving.

I have four chapters left to do and Thanksgiving is 3 days away!

I was doing really well for awhile; I’d get a chapter done every week.  Then we had such a bad late summer and fall that I couldn’t get my head together.  Even so, I had no idea that I got nothing done in October until I checked the dates.   Just like I didn’t realize how long I had put this thing aside until someone asked.  Five years!  That made me determine to get it done.  Fans of it were certainly thrilled and that spurred me on so much.

I have 2 of the 4 chapters done in rough draft, another one in notes, but the final one will be all made up because I can’t find my notes.

It’s my own goal, nothing will happen if I don’t do it, except that I will know that I failed.  And I really would like to go to Thanksgiving knowing I did this accomplishment.

So.  Panic attack!


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