Surgery is scheduled

The hospital center just called: I have to be there at 10:30 on Friday.

Since this has been getting closer, I’ve getting nervous.  Nothing terrible, but it was one thing to hear my doctor say I’d be uncomfortable afterwards.  I’ve found out “uncomfortable” means “a lot of pain”, and with the packing, I won’t be able to breathe that way.

And I have this tiny nagging voice that reminds me they couldn’t guarantee I’ll be better.  So what if I go through all this, and I’m not better?

But cringing from the thought of waking up in a lot of pain on Friday, and the slim odds that I won’t be better is foolish.  Other people are in a lot more pain and worse surgeries; I can deal with this (my head’s splitting now, actually blinding with pain, so what’s the difference?).  And everything the doctor discussed describes my symptoms; fixing those problems will have to bring some relief.

Still, I’m glad John will be there with me, and I’ll be glad to get home to my bed — and some painkillers. 🙂   And it’ll be wonderful when it’s all over.


One response to “Surgery is scheduled

  1. Best of luck with your surgery “Bella”…

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