Well, I did and didn’t do NaNoWriMo this year. I wrote more than 50K words, but it was for my fanfiction sci-fi novel, The Race of Cain. Since it’s based on an established universe and not all original, I didn’t submit it to the contest.

So I’m disappointed that I let myself get backed up with that. I had hoped to finish Cain by Nov 1st and then work on my original novel, The Heroic Era. But Oct plain sucked and in November, I was so sick and then the surgery. I feel like I shouldn’t have let that stop me (other than the surgery), especially since some of that time was spent playing with the vacation blog.

Still, I am so thrilled that Cain is done! I am going to add an epilogue to it, and after some time away from it, tackle it fresh and clean it up. I might offer it as a paperback book style fanzine! It’s taught me so much to write something this large (34 chapters, approx 200,000 words) and I’m proud of it – for a fanfic work. But it was my off and on project for too long; I was determined to finish it.

So I feel like I did win my NaNoWriMo; I certainly wrote a lot this month and hit the word goal. I had the previous chapters done (1 – 22) and fanfic, so I don’t have the certificate, but I got the feeling of accomplishment!


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