It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It’s building to be a wonderful Christmastime!

On Wednesday night, the local high school band surprised our neighborhood with a small parade complete with Santa! We all came out of our houses to thank them and applaud.

On Thursday, John came up for lunch and brought the dogs.  It really picked up my day and a lot of my co-workers said the same.

Thursday night, I did a little shopping, picking up a few gifts for John.  Traffic was a bear, but I enjoyed being in the stores.  I was in Borders and an animal shelter was wrapping gifts for free.  I didn’t have anything for them to wrap, but I gave them a donation anyway.

I also got all the trouble with work figured out; in the end, the managers told me I did a good job, so it turned around to be a good thing for me.

Today, they surprised us by announcing they’re closing the office for New Year’s Eve!  Now I don’t have to go in for the day!  UPS is closed, so we couldn’t ship on orders.  Our CEO didn’t want to go back on our guarantee to ship within 24 hours, so we get the day off!  Thanks, UPS!

I went to lunch with Sandy and the whole day was people laughing and enjoying themselves.  On Sunday, Becky and Sophia are coming over.

I can feel Christmas so strongly.  I’m dying to go somewhere like Smithville to see lights and decorations!

It’s going to be a wonderful Christmas time!

May you have Peace and Love for every holiday you celebrate!  From our home to yours.

John, me, and Cathi at the Christmas party


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