When the moon is in the Seventh House…!

First of all:

Last night, the song “Aquarius” was on the radio. Every time I hear it, I remember going to a show in Philadelphia that featured the song and dance styles of each decade. The second act started with the 60s. The cast was artfully arranged in sihloutte and started to sing Aquarius. The lights came up on them, and this woman behind me burst out, “Oh my god, I had that big green flowered dress that blonde is wearing! I thought it was sexy, it’s hideous! What the hell was I thinking?” She cracked up laughing and everyone here did too! Throughout the audience, you heard other people who had been teens then saying similar like one guy saying, “No wonder my dad told me I looked ridiculous. I had that fringed vest!”

But whenever I hear that song, I hear that woman’s What the hell was I thinking? and laughter all over again!

I feel that way whenever I see pictures of me from the late 80s and early 90s with my big New Jersey girl perm and the matching HUGE shoulder pads! Seriously, who saw football players in their pads and thought, That’s a wonderful look for a woman! But we all thought we were hot!

Last, a quick note: I got my job review. I had to pony up to doing some things wrong, but I got a good rating overall, and I think I finally showed my boss what I can do and what I’m capable of. Hopefully, it’s true and will mean something.


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