I’m worth a toddler’s Disney dollars!

Our friend, Becky, took us to dinner last night. 3 year old Sophia, her daughter, came too and sat across from me. I kept her busy talking to keep her from getting to ansy, and asked her about her trip to Disney in early April. She said she had her own money so she could buy whatever she wanted when she was there, and we talked about what she wanted to get. Then she asked me if I was coming with them. Becky said I could stay in their room, no charge, and she might even get me a couple free passes. But still, I’d need a plane ticket and that alone is too much right now, which is what I said to her.

At the end of the night, Sophia comes up to me with big, soulful eyes: “I give my money to mommy and she buy you a ticket to Disney. ‘Cause that’s what I want to buy.”

Melt me like better. And break my heart at the same time, because she stood there, looking up with me with so much hope and begging in her eyes: say yes, say yes, say yes. But if I did, I’d break that promise later. But how do you tell a 3 year old that her savings isn’t enough to the airlines?

I never did come up with an answer; I danced around it with her, picking her up in a hug, thanking her and saying we would have so much fun together. Then I distracted her with something else until we said goodbye.

She’s probably forgotten all about it now, but for me, wow…. to be worth her Disney money, so she could have me with her and her parents when she saw Mickey again.

By the way, good luck to Mickey in Disney World when she thanks him for the letters and starts asking about all the pictures!!! LOL


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