Christmas in March

I have a CD of my favorite Christmas carols that I’ve put together from other CDs.  Obviously, it’s an eclectic  group, like anyone else’s collection, ranging from Snoopy vs the Red Baron to the Harry Simone Choral to the Transiberian Orchestra to reggae songs, Paul McCartney & John Lennon.  For years, I’ve been trying to get this one particular song, Joy!, but the CD was out of print and people re-selling it took advantage of that by charging $40 – $50 for theirs.  As much as I wanted it, I’m not that nuts.

So I couldn’t believe it when I saw someone selling theirs on for $18.  I even sent the link to someone else to make sure I read it right; that it was for the CD, not the album or VHS.  Then I snatched it up!

So even though it’s March, I’m playing it!

It comes from an 80s TV special (you can tell by the opening electric organ, can’t you? LOL!); here’s the animation that went with it.  I wish I could forward it to 1:11 for you so it would skip past the other stuff and go right to the song, but oh well.

Talking ’bout Joy!  Talking ’bout Joy! 


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