You know you’re a Disney geek when… Part III

You reach a certain level of Disney geekdom when you know who Deb Wills is.  Then you reach whole new levels when you’re excited about meeting her, when you do a happy dance in your home because she’s asked you to submit material to All Ears Net, and then when you have Skype call with her where she tells you it’s tough for her to pass on her favorite park section to you, but you’re the person she trusts with it.

Then comes the next level:  you’re on the web and you read a whole thread that starts with: I read on allears yesterday that they just opened a dog park at Fort Wilderness! I also never knew that you could take your pups when you stayed there!! And now the happy dance you do inside is because that’s your section, that’s information you wrote!  And the whole thread is about discovering something new and wonderful that changes these people’s special vacation and it’s because of you!  You made a difference in their lives, even this little bit!

I’m proud to say that geek is me!  Get your geek on!

By the way, you’ve reached the level of Über Disney Geek if you can name the photo in the header.   Well, maybe not quite since if you know me, you know what it is.  But I’ll give you the Über designation if you can really describe the exact spot. LOL!

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