Our first RV camping weekend of the season!

And the clock is ticking very slowly! I so want to get out of here and start relaxing!

It’s a working weekend for John though; he’s doing a RV trade show with his company, Driftwood RV Center, at the Mays Landing Jellystone campground. We’re both really hoping it’s a good show where he gets at least 3 deals from it.

He said he had one couple who wanted to see our camper. I asked him if I was going to pull up with the pups in the car and see a big SOLD sign on ours! He says he won’t sell it….

By the way, here’s a little bit of its interior. The dogs and I will be “chillin” here all weekend.

Our hybrid RV

I’m hoping to relax and get some writing down. My muse didn’t stick around after all, so we’ll see if I can jump start it into working.

I can’t wait to have a campfire tonight and hopefully tomorrow. It’s one of my favorite scents in the world, and one of the most peaceful, relaxing things ever. John and I have some of our best talks when we sit together, dogs spread out around us, at a campfire.

So please keep your fingers crossed for John that all the people who said they were coming to talk to him about upgrading the “vacation home” large RVs really will do so. As for me…


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