Johnny Black is in the house!

John sold 5 RVs this weekend! That is so fantastic! Last year, campground shows were lucky if they sold 1! I’m so happy for him!

On the other hand, I’m rusty after a few months with no trips. I forgot a bunch of things like our camera and my laptop, so no writing!!!, but even though that was disappointing, I still got to relax and read. Since John was working, I did all the cooking and straightening up — which he, of course, inspected and pronounced whether it was good enough (the campfire failed inspection). The dogs also tore the screen in the door, Elphie taking all the blame. Even so, we had a nice weekend and collapsed last night.

I’m kitty-sitting this week for my sister Cathi’s kitten, Tatiyanna! So Elphie is thrilled to have “Cousin” to play with again! And she’s such a sweet kitty, I love her. She’s so petite and loving, and enjoys Elphie’s company so much. I love watching them play and how close they are. Here’s a picture from last year when I watched Tatiyanna while Cathi attended a conference. They had finally taken a break from playing and had fallen asleep, their heads curled around each other. Unfortunately, the camera woke them up, causing that bleary expression on their faces:

Elphie and Tatiyanna

It’s going to be a fun week! I already “lost” Tatiyanna once yesterday when I came home and Cathi had already dropped her off. It took me forever to find the spot where she had snuggled in, trying to figure out what was going on: her “mom” dumping her in an empty house. Elphie could tell me what room she was in – she kept leading me to it — but it took me forever to look up into the right spot where she was gazing. You know they had a long gossip about what an idiot I am afterwards. But all I could think of was: how do I tell my sister I lost her kitty? I didn’t even have her for five minutes!


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