Here we go again: diet time

I started a dieting group at lunch; I’m hoping the support system — and having to go up in front of people — will help me stay on track.  Maybe John will go on this with me; that will really help.  I got to do something.  I’m tired of my pants whimpering when I head for them and my shorts mocking me.

So today is the first weigh in.  I actually weighed myself at home so I could get the accurate no-clothes-haven’t-eaten-anything-yet weight; that was bad enough.  I can’t imagine what the one at noon will be like.  scale

Based on my weight this morning, I at least want to lose 16 pounds.  And I need to start exercising again so my thighs don’t look like a pack mule with saddlebags anymore.

It would help if I wasn’t still fighting the lack of energy where I need to sleep at lunch to get through the day.  Although, maybe exercising will help that.  It’s a nice thought anyway.

So wish me luck!


2 responses to “Here we go again: diet time

  1. My number ranges between 42 lbs and 50 lbs to lose. It’s scary and daunting and will take a year if I don’t mess up at all.

    I’ve done it before so I know what to do.

    But the thought of a year of coffee-yogurt-fruit-frozen lunch-veggie-fruit-half of what I’d call a normal portion of dinner AND increasing amounts of exercise 4x a week is so so so very depressing. 😦

    Good luck to you!

  2. It IS so very depressing! Especially when I think how I lost it all 2 years ago and then put it back on!! Grrrr!!!!

    Good luck to you too!

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