All Ears Net: Fort Wilderness and Kennels updated

You’ll see it in the newsletter, but I thought I’d give all ears fans a heads up.

Fort Wilderness: The pet section on the FAQ is updated, including information on the new Waggin’ Trails Dog Park and its marked paths.  The photos text link page has new photos of the marina, the beach, and the Settlement, not to mention the dog park.  And the slide show page is now updated to include all the new photos from this year.

The Kennels: All the new prices are now listed, plus special notes about the Animal Kingdom and Disney Hollywood Studios kennels.  Under the AK Kennel, you’ll find a link that takes you to Photopass photos of pet families.  Very attractive pet families!  OK, I’ll fess up.  It’s me, John, and one of my sisters with the dogs. 😉  It’s to show the great opportunity at this park with the Photopass photographers.

If you are a “Disney pet family”, would you like to see information on what to do in an emergency situation?  I’m thinking about putting together something about it, but didn’t know if it interested anyone.  Please post in the comments if you are interested and what you would like to know.


2 responses to “All Ears Net: Fort Wilderness and Kennels updated

  1. Yea–I want to see how to save my dog–but not a cat!!
    Nice ipod!!!!

  2. I should have said, any SERIOUS comments are welcome! 😉

    Glad you like the iMickey! 😀

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