Mammogram test

I heard from my doctor and radiologist last night that something is showing on my mammogram. I have to go back for a “special view mammogram”, whatever that is, and an ultrasound so they can see what it is. They don’t tell me anything other than that.

I know it’s nothing; I know they’ll find out it was a shadow or my hormones from my cycle made something look different or it’s a small cyst. So I’m not panicking.

But…. it’s normal, isn’t it, to be concerned. I’m a little worried, and yeah, I am thinking what if it’s bad? And that’s silly because I haven’t found anything or have any pain. But some little voice reminds me of my total lack of energy and inability to stay awake longer than a couple hours, and my sinus doctor saying I need to get blood work done for it. And how one blood test found some kind of infection and I need to get it investigated.

So I’m a little worried. I wish they could tell you what they’re thinking, like From what we see, it’s just a shadow or a cyst and we just need to confirm it. So the odds are, it’s not serious. It would be nice to know.

I just got to keep reminding myself that the odds are that it’s nothing serious and get the test as soon as I can so I can put this behind me.

Edited: I made my appointment: Wed, the 21st, at 2. I have to take a half day off of work because I can be there for 3 hours!

mantra: it’s nothing serious, it’s nothing serious, it’s nothing serious….


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