My friend Flicka— actually, Reno.

And Doc.

Last Saturday, someone gave our animal shelter volunteers a “class” in horse care. We’ve rescued a couple horses already. Like DeeDee:


Who is actually ready for adoption, if any one is interested. Here’s more information and photos:

Anyway, DeeDee, Scout, Creamy…. they need grooming and their hoofs cleaned, etc. So 10 of us asked to be in the class and Mary Lou taught us with the help of these lovely gentlemen:

Reno and Doc

That’s Reno in the foreground and Doc in the back. I thought I had a better picture of them. Sigh. But they and Mary Lou were very patient with us as we learned about grooming, cleaning the feet with and without shoes, feed, leading them including the voice cues, plus taking them in and out of their stalls. We also learned taking their pulse and respiration rates. God help me if I have to ever take their temperatures!

Both of “the boys”, as Mary Lou calls them, were very good with us. Reno, being younger, tended to want to play more and, since as Mary Lou said, “He doesn’t just have ADD. He has ADDDDDDDDDDDDD……”, we had to remind him sometimes that he was supposed to be helping us by lifting his feet or walking with us, and not nibbling on our jeans pockets!

Reno nuzzling a volunteer

The class, which took an extra hour because we didn’t start on time because we were chatting, climbing trees with the kids (yes, I’m guilty!), and just fussing over the horses when we first met them (Who’s a handsome boy? Who is? You are!!), plus Mary Lou was very good about making sure we did everything ourselves which takes time with 10 people. Even mellow, easy going Doc had enough of us each taking him into his stall, taking off his halter, and leaving safely only for the next volunteer to put on his halter, lead him out and the whole thing over again. So they had something to eat with Reno running over to see what he was missing out on & getting extra kisses and pats as we left.

I learned one important thing: grooming a horse is an upper body workout! Whew! If you’re looking to tone those arms and torsos, come down and help us groom horses!

Next, I’m going to work out a schedule to get down to our farm to help out with DeeDee and the others, plus Tommy, the Snausage Dog:


plus our kitties, like Scooter:


I updated my avatar to include some of the animals at the shelter, but the farm backgrounds didn’t really look like our place.  So I decided to take the animals some place they couldn’t go: historic Philadelphia.  They shouldn’t live so close and never see the place. 😉


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