The scale is going to kill me

I so blew my diet this week. Just got depressed, lazy, and psyched out. Tomorrow is my weigh-in day and I’m thinking of just skipping it.

I got to get my head back into the game here. Because I can’t stay being this out of shape and the extra pounds. It would be nice to be able to wear my shorts again.

One fun fact: despite this, a guy at a gas station told me that I “have the body of an angel”. If you can’t believe guys hanging at gas stations, whose word can you believe? LOL@


One response to “The scale is going to kill me

  1. I didn’t lose my whole 10 pounds from the restart on the 8th. I’ll have to check my spreadsheet (dork alert! dork alert!) to be sure of the exact amount. I want to say 3 lbs since May 8. I lost my 10 lbs in about 5 or 6 weeks. The “fat” pants are looser around the middle and butt, and droopy pants feel great!

    Keep going! And gimme the gas station address…I need to hang there.

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