Relaxing on Memorial Day Weekend

We’re in Pomona Campground this weekend. We had a little rocky start; I forgot stuff again!  Plus, I wish we had a better site.  It’s a little small and we’re surrounded by very old RVs that look a bit rundown.  There’s more rebel flags than Robert E. Lee ever saw.  John greeted me with some nagging, and Elphie slipped out of her collar – hence, the nagging.  And while I write this, they’re here cleaning out the septic system.  Couldn’t they have done that during the week when no one was here?

But our neighbors are friendly, and John gave them his business card with a hint about “Don’t you want a nice, new RV and get rid of this old one?”  It’s gorgeous weather and it’s John’s picking up the things we forgot on his way here after work.  Then he’s off the rest of the weekend.  And the main thing is to relax.

The dogs certainly didn’t let anything keep them from relaxing!

Elphie and Casey relax on the couch!
As if that wasn’t relaxing enough, Elphie grabbed the afghan and made a comfy nest on the couch.

Elphie makes a nest on the couch

Morgan decided, why bother with the couch when you can just go to bed?

“Mom, I remade the bed!  Now it’s perfect!”

Morgan in bed

Not to be outdone, once John went to bed, Casey made herself one by grabbing most of the pillows:

So we had a nice relaxing night.  Some friends are coming over in a little while; hopefully, everything will go well!


One response to “Relaxing on Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Notice who has control of the remote, NOT John…

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