Smithville, Bruno, and more

We went to Smithville for a little while. Perfect day for it!

Smithville, NJ

Smithville, NJ

Smithville, NJ

“He’s a good daddy. He got us a water!”

Elphie getting a drink

Morgan having a drink

While I pop into the Christmas store, a passerby does a round of “what kind of dog is she?” about Elphie and Morgan with John. Notice Elphie is totally aware of me.

John and dogs

Went to see Elphie’s new friend, Bruno the minipin. The best photo that I got was…

Elphie and Bruno

… them doing, ah….. dog things.

Elphie and Bruno

Elphie did get a new harness, a style I haven’t seen before. I like it — but I think she looks like she’s in the Coast Guard. 😉

Elphie's new harnass

The May 2008 page in the “Pets of Baywatch” calendar:

Elphie's new harnass

Why, yes, sir. There’s a lifeguard on duty!

Elphie's new harnass

Elvis is in the building! I ain’t nothing but a hound dog!

Elphie with an Elvis lip curl

Another one of Elphie’s Elvis lip curl: just a hunka hunka burning love!


Atlantic City skyline, seen from our campground:

AC skyline

Casey and I talk serious issues at the campfire:


John played a game similar to horseshoes and quoites with our neighbors when we got back.  Then we made our favorite camping dinner: a veggie bake cooked over the campfire.  I hung out at our neighbors for awhile at night while Elphie played with their dogs: they — the neighbors, not their dogs, asked me who was winning the 600 race.  I didn’t have the guts to admit we had turned off NASCAR to watch “What Women Want” with Mel Gibson.  😉  I quick flipped to the race, caught up on the latest, and then reported the results. LOL!

I can’t believe we go home tomorrow already.  What a great weekend.  I wish it wasn’t ending already.


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