Prince Indy

We went to the drive-in theater on Saturday and saw Prince Caspian and the new Indiana Jones. The funny thing is: John really wanted to see the new IJ film which is why we stayed to see it, and he ended up sleeping through most of it. 🙂

We both enjoyed Caspian. Very old epic style with the build up to the climax. I also liked how they handled Susan and Edmond in this one a lot; putting them right where they were at the end of the first film instead of making them go through the whole angsty development again. It made them very strong characters and a pleasure to watch. I also thought it was good to show the differences in each of the “children” and that they held on to their knowledge when they went back to England, such as sword fighting and how to lead people. Even with the changes in Susan from the books, not that I can remember most of them except the first and the final scene of the last one, I thought it showed how different faith is handled by people. Whether you want to read it as Christian faith or as this Narnian world doesn’t matter to me; I enjoyed how each main character was their own person and this hybrid of adolescent and adult.

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As for the Indy film, it was weak. A lot of times, the acting seemed forced or half hearted with no real feeling to it, like the actors were on automatic or forcing the emotion. The story was also weak with no development, lots of cliches and too often used plot points, with others being just too damned ridiculous. Like the storyline with the son. You know as soon as the kid mentions his mother that he’s Indy’s son. The movie never had any tension or real development or build. A few times, something would ring true, but they’d be rare and too short. The whole first battle is played for comedy with Indy a buffoon who only wins because they others are bigger buffoons. They touch on his older age and show how it adds to his experience, but they never show how it might affect his ability to fight or anything else. He’s fighting very large, strong guys that are younger and bigger than him, and they fail in strength and energy before he does. It makes no sense. And the ending was just a rehash of the first one plus a lot of stolen endings from other films.

The plotline with the aliens was done much better with other series like Stargate, X-Files, etc. and it doesn’t feel like it should be in an Indy film. They should have gone after a classic artifact again like the Fountain of Youth or something like that.

I was glad to see Karen Allen, but she was a charactericture in this movie, like too many other characters, which was a damned waste.

The best part of the film: I stretched out on our bed in the back of the van while I watched it and was very comfy. 😉


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