Disney Main Street iGoogle theme!

You know you’re a Disney geek when…..

You make an iGoogle theme of Main Street and the Castle!

Disney Main Street theme thumbnail

That’s one of the headers. Some of the theme’s features are:

  • The scenes change every hour from 5am to 9pm. Then they change at 11pm, midnight, and then 5am again for sunrise. That makes a total of 19 images to reflect (approx.) the time of day.
  • It also has three different footers: daytime, sunset, and evening.
  • It’s designed for a 1024 resolution width, but has a tile and background to fill in the edges if you’re on a higher resolution.

I used a couple publicity images from The Disney Company (like the one in the thumbnail above); they are used with respect and not in violation of their copyright. The rest are my photos.

And now iGoogle has finally listed it in their Themes directory! Go to Themes in iGoogle and look under Newest. Right now, it’s the sixth one down.


Search for Disney! It’s the only one there, so that makes finding it very easy.

And you might want to — oh, I don’t know — leave a review saying what a nice theme it is. Angel smiley

Big Grin!

One response to “Disney Main Street iGoogle theme!

  1. I love this iGoogle theme… it’s pefect for every Disney geek. Good job!

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