One tired, but happy Disney geek!

First off, I broke 1,000 users for my Disney Main Street iGoogle theme and I’m currently at 1342 users! Plus two 5-star reviews! Thanks everyone!

They also finally released my Disneyland webcam gadget on iGoogle:

Disneyland webcam iGoogle gadget
or search for Disneyland under the iGoogle Gadgets section.

Then, our friends Carol and Gary suggested we host a tour together of the Fort Wilderness campground this December, so I made a logo, a sig graphic, and a pin design for that! Here’s the pin proof that a vender made up of my design:

Disney World, Fort Wilderness

I joke that it looks like a spare tire cover for the back of an RV, but I’m really fond of it. I named the dogs Boone and Crockett; if you’re a FW fan, you know why. We even made up a legend for them, like Imagineers do. (And yes, our friends are Canadian.)

Here’s the sig graphic I made for people doing the tour:

Disney Fort Wilderness Tour sig graphic

Then I was working with someone I respect a lot for his presentation on Walt Disney’s career for Magic Meets this July. He’s a former Imagineer, going back to MAYPO and WEDWAY Enterprises, working with Walt Disney himself. He’s going to be showing video footage and sharing stories never released before, and I got to help with his marketing blurb for it! He even asked my advice on his emails while he negotiated the deal! As a little thank you, I sent him a Disney Enchanted Call, having Mickey Mouse call and wish him a magical day. Ha!

Last, but not least, my birthday is in a week. I have a strong love-hate relationship with birthdays. Of course it’s nice when people make you feel special, but I hate getting older! And don’t give me the “it’s better than the alternative!” because that doesn’t help. Getting fired from your job is better than losing your job and being told you have cancer, but it doesn’t make you feel any better.

Anyway, my sister Terry is in New York for a week and invited me up this weekend for a birthday celebration. She got me a ticket for Little Mermaid and is taking me dinner! We’re also going to stop at the big NY Disney store. I keep reminding myself that I’m on a budget, but that’s now before I get into that store!

Ariel smiley

So it’s been a busy, happy geek week! Now I need to work on some slideshows for All Ears Net.


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