NY was so much fun!

I had a blast this weekend! The time just flew by.

Taking the trains, first Riverline and then NJ Transit, really worked out well. I only spend, roundtrip, $24 which is so much cheaper than the gas, tolls, and parking would have been. Plus, I got to relax, read, and take a nap. 😉

We went shopping at Macy’s after I arrived and ate in a little cafe inside the store. The store fills an entire city block, and I got a special grin when I saw we were at 34th Street. Afterwards, we dropped off my stuff at The Manhattan Club where my sister is a member, then it was off to 5th Avenue to walk around the stores and where, when it rained, we got (try not to be jealous) Build a Bear rain ponchos.

We ate dinner at Ruby Foos; the food was great, like always, but the lazy susans are gone and our service was mediocre at best. Then it was off to Little Mermaid and the only other problem the whole weekend. When we tried to get in, we found out that Ticketmaster had sent 1 ticket for June 10th instead of the right date; everyone at the theater said it would be no problem to exchange it except for the woman at the ticket window. She kept insisting we purchased the 10th, so she wouldn’t exchange it for one for Sat, especially as they were sold out. My niece gave me her ticket, insisting she didn’t mind, and she’d go to Young Frankenstein. It put a dark cloud over it especially we had 6 empty seats in our row; the ticket window could have given me a standing room ticket and then I could have moved up instead of her copping an attitude.

The show was good, although not great, and I adored the new song She’s in Love! The boy playing Flounder is phenomenal, so is the man playing Sebastian, as well as other cast members. Staging is very good with some absolutely gorgeous moments and the additional scenes let the relationship between Eric and Ariel build nicely. But the costumes could have been better (although I liked the bouncy maids’ skirts plus Eric’s and his second in commands) as well as some more wire work for the underwater moments. And too much translucent material instead of rock formations, Eric’s castle, and Titan’s trident.

We did get a surprise that 3 of the leads were pulled to rehearse or rest for the Tony’s. Two of the guys with us were really disappointed in that.

Afterwards, we met up with Jenna again at Jumba Juice, relaxed at the hotel and called it a night. The next day, I decided to go more with the flow than leave as early as I first planned which worked out wonderfully because they had a street market fair on 6th. It was at this point that my resolution not to spend money on myself died. 😉 I got a great purse at the street fair, then went shopping at NYC World of Disney. The store is huge and they actually greeted their customers with applause and thanks when they opened the store at 11am. I got John a great shirt (Jennifer and Terry found it) and I got my sister and niece thank you gifts for a wonderful weekend. For myself, I got crocs on sale! Plus a pin (but of course), and a Stitch in NY.

Terry and Jenna surprised me by getting me my own Coconut the dog from American Girl! Plus her little vet kit! I kept sending them photos from my camera of Coconut on the trip home.

We had lunch at Chevy’s with some of the best Mexican food I have ever had! I even loved the guacamole and I never eat that!

It was such a fantastic weekend! Jen’s friends Nate and Mikey were wonderful and we all had such laughs! I really have to thank Terry and Jennifer for making it all possible and my husband John who got the money together for me to go.

PS: On the way home, I realized everybody got presents but the dogs.  So I stopped and got them a grilled hot dog. They were very happy.   So was I.  It was so odd waking up and having all that room around my legs because no snuggly, furry body was using me as a pillow.  LOL!


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