How the Burgermeister stole My Birthday! A tale of woe and ice cream.

If you know me or have read any of my posts about my birthday, you know how I am about them.  Love the celebration, but that’s it.  We already covered how no one should say “It’s better than the alternative”, so we’ll move on.

All during this past week, I felt like life is like this:

White trash and hopeless

…. instead of having done something meaningful and reaching a good place by this age.  When John and I discussed our plans for our lives, this wasn’t it for either of us.  So what will really help cement the whole feeling?  This guy:

The Burgermeister

The Bergermeister, shown here on the right, with some friend of his who is heralding his return.  Just when I’m feeling really low, he (metaphorically) did this to me:


Leaving me like this:

Knocked out

I’m making light of it now, but it was very bad and it went on for a few days.  Almost as bad is the fact that I let him get to me to the point where I canceled my birthday party for today.  I eventually reached the point where I figured screw him –

VooDoo Doll

– he’s not going to ruin the good part of all this.

And thankfully for me, people have been so great!  I got wonderful cards, even Ninja cards!, and gifts: from candles and lockets, to gift cards for new clothes and candy, to Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes on CD and books, Walt Disney biographies (and the coolest Speed Racer gift bag). PLUS!  A friend made this wonderful cartoon of me on my birthday:


And of course, John!  Not only did he give me the trip to NY for my birthday, he had a polo made with our Fort Wilderness Tour logo on it, two fantastic cards, a fantastic message on the forum we’re on the most, and is taking me out to dinner tomorrow night.  Love you, hon! Love

The pups gave me kisses (and ordered croc charms from disney world) Puppy kiss

Besides, I’ll also be at a Petco tomorrow with the animal shelter, trying to get 4 of our kittens together.  I might even see my favorite again:

Dolly the kitten

That’s her in my purse the night of our big fundraising dinner.  I fell in love with her.  Such a tiny, little sweetie!  I thought of telling John that I won this little stuffed animal as a doorprize, and that she even had batteries so she moved around etc. like a real kitten!  But I made a deal with John not to bring any kitties home, and I’m respecting how he feels.  Although now that he’s actually seen how sweet she is, he’ll probably say, “Aw!  She’s adorable!  She needs people like us with a loving home!”

Big Grin!

So, here’s to enjoying the celebration, dealing with the rest of it, and crossing my fingers that the Burgermeister, like the one in the show, will dwindle out of my life!

VooDoo Doll

And to my family and all my great friends:

Thank you!


One response to “How the Burgermeister stole My Birthday! A tale of woe and ice cream.

  1. Happy Birthday…:)

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