Wow. You guys are so lucky to know me!

I got an email to do a free “relationship compatibility” report and decided, what the heck!  Here’s what it says about me:

Erin, your Heart’s Desire is 11

You have a wisdom beyond your years. Even as a child, your understanding of life was considerable, though it likely went unrecognized by others.

Uh huh, uh huh.  True.

You are a born peacemaker. You are driven by a desire to settle conflicts and create harmony. You are a healer and a visionary.

Yes, that’s correct.

You long to make the world a better place, and cannot rest until you have dedicated your life to some worthwhile cause.

Your realm is ideas and philosophy. You are attracted to the world of energy more than to the mechanical or material planes. Philosophy, religion, and less traditional forms of healing are among your specialties.

You are obsessed with the quest for enlightenment.

Live long and prosper!

You are extremely sensitive and possess a high degree of intuition. Subtle messages and feelings of others do not escape your attention. You are powerfully aware of the thoughts and feelings of others. Unless you are well grounded, this can throw you about emotionally. Your awareness can be both a gift as well as a problem, because you so deeply desire to please others and keep harmony in your environment.

A gift and a curse.  I’m like this guy – Spider-Man

Many 11s were born into extremely hostile or turbulent families. This often resulted in psychological pain, lack of confidence, and shyness during childhood. Somehow, the child with an 11 heart’s desire recognized the sources of his family’s problem. This created an internal conflict for the child, who naturally loved the troubled parent, but could not cope with that parent’s behavior.

Uh…. this is getting eerie.

Therefore, many 11s are scarred early in life.

Maybe because my sisters and brother said I was raised in a “sewey hole” (storm drain) and our parents felt pity and took me in……  that and the latrine monster was going to get me when we were camping. Oh, and how they watched Alfred Hitchcock when they were babysitting and then be too afraid to check on me.

You gotta love older siblings.

They understand the sufferings of others and seek to be of service in some way.

This is, in fact, the easiest way for you to heal yourself and find your greatest satisfaction.

You understand the importance of close, loving relationships. Therefore, you are selective in choosing your friends and spouse. You are a romantic, idealistic, but somewhat impractical person.

The devil you say!!

Unless you have other balancing characteristics (as indicated by 1s, 4s, and 8s in your chart), it is wise to team up with a more practical and realistic partner.

You have a magnetic and charismatic personality.

This thing is so accurate!!

You like pondering abstract matters. Your intelligence is electric. Ideas, solutions to problems, and inventions seem to come to you as if out of the blue.

You are highly charged and intense. This can cause nervous tension.

LIES!!!!  We’ll just take that part out.

This can cause nervous tension. You need to care for your nervous system with ample amounts of rest, a peaceful environment, and proper diet — avoiding extreme foods and drugs chocolate, preferably hot fudge sundaes or homemade brownies w/ nuts or chocolate chip cookies with nuts.  And puppy kisses.

You are often more concerned with universal justice than with the individual.

Is that a compliment?

The 11 is a master number, possessing great potential. It has been entrusted to you as a gift that you are worthy of.


The key is to maintain a hold on your ideals and seek ways to practically implement them.

You have a specific role and gift to give to the world. This requires time and maturity to fully comprehend.

Snort!  I’m still waiting on that one.  It’d better not take too much longer.  I’ll be gumming my food.

But with patience and perseverance, you will discover why you felt different and even unique as a child.

I still think it was the whole “sewey hole”  thing.  That’ll make you feel different.

At that time, you will discover that what made you feel weak as a child will make you strong and confident as a mature adult.

It’s the maturity thing that keeps tripping me up.  I guess as long as I keep watching SpongeBob, my destiny will continue to allude me.

Now let’s see how John and I do together, shall we?  (You can hear the danger background music building, can’t you?)

Your Heart’s Desire’s compatibility is 11(Erin) and 9 (John).

Whereas Erin is open and easy going in matters of the heart, John is more careful and perhaps distant. In fact, John knows that it is in part this care, this need to maintain a safe distance, that has caused passed relationships to crash.

Actually, this only happens when his reality shows are on.  Then I’m only allowed to talk to him during commercials.

It is not easy for John to be deeply involved in a relationship and trust that it is safe to act un-inhibited, unselfconsciously. On the other hand, it is natural for Erin to respond to the moment without first having to weigh possible consequences. Erin can be immediate, responsive and fearless like a child and, just like a child, feel totally safe.


Always seeking the shelter of the inner world, John needs to learn to let go, to surrender to the heart, if this relationship is to endure and grow.

Surrender, hon!  Surrender to those moments that cause you to say, “Why are you so friggin’ weird, Erin?!”

You can give love and friendship left and right, John, there is no shortage of love in you. On the contrary. The number nine is self-sacrificing

Bahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!  They haven’t seen your face when you find out I took your socks.

and generous to a fault.

True, true.

Maybe that is the way you release all the love in you. A problem exists only when this love comes too close to the inner John.

Is that what it is?  I thought it was me leaving the backdoor open for the dogs and then bugs get in.

As long as there is some distance, you feel safe. The moment someone attempts to step into your inner world, you have a tendency to close the doors.

See?  There’s the back door thing.

Erin, you are very different. You will certainly invite John to share even the deepest moments, without inhibition. But when John backs away from that, Erin, you may well respond with confusion, jealousy and resentment.

Moi?  Do something so negative?  I don’t think so.  This part has to go too.

Erin, you may well respond with confusion, jealousy and resentment total understanding and an expression of wisdom and gentility.

As you may have realized by now, the eleven and the nine don’t get along too well.

Oh great!  Give back the wedding presents!  Although who will want them — 15 year old faded towels that we now use to clean up after the dogs’ baths.  And we spent the cash!

I want to know how many of our friends are reading this and thinking, “It ain’t news to me”

Although both are caring, loving numbers, the idealistic nine gives to the world and to strangers, while a much more emotionally involved eleven focuses on one person as the object of its love.

I sound a bit like a stalker there, don’t I?  And why is John giving his love to strangers?  He told me that place he goes after work is a karaoke bar!

Interestingly, the eleven and the nine can form powerful alliances in other circumstances, particularly in business. Between the two of them, they can negotiate and influence just about anyone or anything.

Snort!  Then how come we can’t get the dogs to come in when we call them?

It is in matters of the heart that their needs and desires are not very compatible.

And road maps.  Oh man, you can’t imagine the huffiness in the car when it comes to reading road maps. Oh, and backing up the camper!  Woo whee!! That’s not for the faint of heart!

All this can be countered, albeit with some effort. John, you would help yourself and Erin if you could “loosen up” a bit. Relax the constant vigilance and allow yourself to be more responsive to the moment.

*cough* anal *cough* control issues *cough* Innocent

Erin, you should try to understand that John’s need for some distance

I said I wouldn’t interrupt Survivor unless it’s a commercial!

doesn’t mean the love is not real, or not as strong as yours. If you are able to keep that in mind, you’ll be able to build a peaceful, enjoyable relationship.

Happy sigh You are so wise, online report generator!

A relationship, by the way, that can also be very prosperous if you are smart enough to take advantage of the powerful alliances the eleven and the nine allow for, especially in the business world.

Clearly, we’re supposed to know a better class of people.  Because we’re supposed to be rolling in money and we’re not, so you people are holding us back.

I think we all learned something.  Such as, posts like this can land you in deep trouble.  Not me, of course!  I’m married to someone with a wonderful sense of humor!

Right, hon?  ……Hon?


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