Bad dreams

I had a nightmare.  I was back at the mall with Mom.  She was talking to me, but I was too busy looking at something on the store shelves, so I ignored her. She tried getting my attention, but I refused to turn away from the stuff I was looking for, so I didn’t hear her clearly or looked at her.

When I was done at the store, frustrated that i couldn’t find what I was looking for, she was gone.  I searched all over the mall, calling for her, but couldn’t find her.  I ran into Cathi and asked her where Mom was, feeling bad I hadn’t paid attention before.  But Cathi just snapped at me about why was I interested now when I couldn’t giver any attention when Mom tried to get it.  I begged her to tell me where Mom was so I could find her; I kept repeating I was sorry, that I was wrong and knew it, so please tell me where I could find Mom!  Cathi turned away from me, disgusted, and Mom wouldn’t answer me, no matter how much I called out to her.

It doesn’t take Freud to understand that one.


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