Getaway weekend

Things got more positive.  I had a great talk with my sister Terry on the phone, Cathi and I settled everything with the church, and the last time I talked to my friend Becky, things looked a little better for her too.

We’re going away this weekend to Camp Hill, PA.  I’m looking forward to the break.  We had actually planned this a few months ago, but the timing is good.  We’re going to see friends that we haven’t seen in months, we’re going to Hershey Park on Sunday which means chocolate is in my future, and that’s always a good thing.  I even have the stuff to make smores. Roasting marshmellows

I might even pack my bathing suit for the new water park area that Hershey has, for my honey’s sake.  Although the thought of my blinding white, cellulite squishy thighs in a bathing suit gives me the shudders.

Swimming coral reef

We’re staying at a nice little place and they have wi-fi, so I might hook up the laptop.   I might even try with my webcam if I have enough time to play, although I can’t imagine staring at our campsite or the dogs will be that much fun.

For the Disney geeks, we’ll be at Magic Meets on Saturday and for the first time, I’m part of the All Ears Net team!  I’m really excited!  Last year, I met Deb Wills for the first time and was a guest at the table; this year, I’m one of the crew!  She even put in her blog and is already blogging live.  Who knows?  You might even see me on it at some point. My friend Dave is giving the keynote speech; I haven’t seen him in a couple of years, although we keep in touch in email and on the phone.

I know I don’t sound excited, but I am looking forward to it.  For some reason, I’m feeling anxious although I don’t know why. I think I’m feeling spread thin: I have two groups of friends there that I have to balance, and I know Becky already seems to be hinting that she thought we’d be spending time with them, not always as this big huge group. But I also know that John really wants the big huge group; heck, he’ll probably hardly talk to me when the group is around. 😉 So I feel this pull of people on all sides wanting something different, and I’m pulled in each direction.

I’m probably just tired — still not sleeping well — and thinking of all the things I still need to get done, but I think this is the break that we need.

My only regret is that my mom’s memorial mass is this Sunday.  I know it’s not a whole service, the pastor is just saying to keep her in their prayers, but I wish it had been last weekend so I could have been there.

PS: In honor of this good weekend coming up, I put the smile back on my avatar.  It doesn’t seem to quite fit, but….

On the plus side, the new ringback tone made Becky laugh!


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