Steamboat Willie blog design

A friend of mine saw the vacation blog design I did in December, and asked if I’d do a Disney blog design for him.  I knew his favorite Mickey is Steamboat Willie, but no design idea really made me happy until a few days ago.  So I finished it at lunch (because of course I didn’t do any of this on work time!).  I still need to put some finishing touches on it, such as copyright credits for his work and Disney’s art, but they’ll come when he creates his blog account.  Right now, this is under mine.  Here it is:

I started off, naturally, with a free template and then changed the majority of the elements.  Basically, I kept the basic blue background, adding the large in color Steamboat Willie (that’s from the stamp), and the white bar near the top.  The little Mickeys in the divider bar are all from screencaptures from Steamboat Willie, and the one in the box is actually an animated gif.  It also plays his whistling theme when you go to the blog (just once! no infinite looping); you can see the player in the footer.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to use the bgsound property instead of embed.  Yet.  😉

“Storyboards” is just a working title for the blog; I don’t know what Dave will do.  I had to put something, and since he was an Imagineer and a film maker, I thought it was a good common ground with the posts being the storyboards of his life.  But let’s face it; who’s going to get that?  LOL!


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