Disney’s PhotoPass: priceless

You know those MasterCard commercials where it says things like:

Plane ticket to Ireland: $900
Dinner at local pub: $20
Seeing your mom’s expression as she relives the past: Priceless


Cellphone bill from hearing your sister say your stepfather’s family might cut you out from your mom’s things: $27
Estimated therapy bills from this stress on top of losing your mom: $2,789,934.57
The laugh you get when your friends happily look like idiots as they “rock out” for the Disney Photopass photographer: Priceless

Rock out!

Rock out!

Becky and Adam sent me a text message with their Disney PhotoPass code so I could vicariously vacation through their photos. So I checked it out before heading for bed, feeling blue over the whole mess. Sooooooo glad I did! That picture cheered me up immensely!

Here’s my other favorite:

Sssh!  Its the end of a fun Disney day!

Sssh! It's the end of a fun Disney day!

Also priceless is the little meerkat figure a friend gave me so “he can keep watch over you”. I pet him for good luck each morning, like rubbing Buddha’s belly.

AND! the homemade cookies my friend Joe gave me. Mmmmmmmm! What diet?


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