All Ears Net review

Someone pointed out this review to me. Very nice! It gives AEN 5 stars out of 5 in all categories.

When planning our first ever Walt Disney World trip 3 years ago I was researching online. That’s when I came across the All Ears website. What a blessing it was to find such a thing! This website is awesome! Everything you could ever want to know about Disney World and more!

The All Ears website publishes a weekly newsletter that you can subscribe to and it is absolutely FREE!! I immediately signed up. Every Tuesday for the past 3 years I have gotten my newsletter via email. It is a very nicely written newsletter. The articles range from telling about what Disney was like years ago to telling of new and coming attractions. Another great feature is that it always lists any closures and/or rehabs that will be going on in the near future and when. It is always good to know these things when planning your Disney vacation. The newsletter also includes links to pictures and Disney restaurant menu’s. It can also help you decide which days to go to which Disney parks when you are there. It lists which parks are busiest on which days and so on.

Like I said, anything you could ever want to know about traveling to Walt Disney World is in the All Ears Weekly Newsletter!

Other reviews/comments on the same page said:

Thanks for the great information. I agree, this newsletter guide has A LOT of useful information to help plan a trip to Disney World.

I love ALL EARS! I don’t know what I would do without it when planning a trip to Disney. Even when I am not planning a trip I love to read all the updates

I love ALL Ears as well. What a wealth of information.

I love All Ears too:0) And anything free is great for my budget:0)

I love all ears and get excited every time it comes. We are planning our second trip to disney next month and it has helped me out so much with all the information.


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