Family feud

I haven’t mentioned it in a couple of weeks, but the situation with my stepfather and his daughter Debbie hasn’t been settled yet. It’s supposed to be tonight. Cathi is going over there to talk things out. I honestly don’t know which way this will go, and Cathi has mixed signals too, although lately, she’s said she thinks the worst has happened. That we’ve been cut off, that we’ll have no contact with him or his family, and we’ll be out of his Will. I’m not trying to money grub, I always told my mom to spend it all on herself. But this is honestly a matter of doing what’s right. We’ll get things my mom packed up when they moved a few years ago, that belong to our family. But anything personal of hers, say her rings or mementos, things like that, will go to Ralph’s kids. Not to mention the money she earned and put away.

If the positions were reversed, my mom would never let anyone of her children cut her off from her stepchildren. And she never would disrespect Ralph’s kids. I guess I was naive, but I didn’t see this coming. And my mom didn’t either or she’d have protected the family in her own papers.

Plenty of people are shaking their heads at our “innocence”, but I’ll be honest. My Will leaves everything to John, and when we are both gone, it’s split between our nieces and nephews. His Will says the same. I don’t think John would ever cut off my family, even if he remarries, and he believes in me in the same way. I still think that way even with all this going on, and he still believes in me despite his father getting remarried and then cutting out his children for his second wife. So my mom was the same: happily married to a good person and trusting her spouse to be good to the children.

But according the people shaking their heads, I’d better change my Will and not trust John. And he must do the same. Right? Because everyone shaking their heads must have their Wills set up that way because they keep saying families turn on each other after someone dies.

But that’s getting off on a tangent. I don’t know my stepfather is doing that because of Debbie spreading poison about us. It’s just a possibility. And it makes me sick. And hurt. And tired and angry.

I feel like I’m at the end of my rope. It’s too much all at once. I know I should be strong, not let the pain and stress take me down this far, but… I’m really tired.

So tonight we find out. If Cathi gets out all the facts right. If Ralph listens. And if it doesn’t get moved back for the fourth time in 2 weeks.

I also have a doctor’s appointment with my sinus surgeon. I got whacked on the nose and it’s made my sinuses a mess again. The headaches are terrible, it’s hard to breathe especially when I’m sleeping, and the pain in my left ear actually wakes me up at night. So it’s back to the doctor tonight and hope they can help. They were only moderately successful last time. And the insurance company is hassling me over a $10 copay bill for a blood test, saying the doctor needs to send them certain papers, but of course they won’t call the doctor, they hassle me and any papers I send aren’t good enough. They demanding more and they’re threatening to cut off my benefits.

I’m trying to think of a good way to end this. Um….

Becky brought me a gift from Florida for taking care of her kitties while she was away. Yay, presents!


One response to “Family feud

  1. I’m so sorry for what’s going on. After my dad passed this happened in my family, and even more so after my grandpa passed.

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