In honor of Dex

My friend Joe gave me this in honor of what would have been (roughly) Dex’s sixth birthday, if I hadn’t had the miscarriage.  Wasn’t that sweet?!
I just found out how many people visit the miscarriage page on my website.  I hope it brings you comfort, as someone else’s site did for me.  So to everyone who has had to go through such a loss, Erma Bombeck best said it for all of us what a day like this means:
I had now joined a group of women who had to give a child back. They look like other women and they function like other women. But [….] At any given time of year when no one knows what they are talking about, they will look wistful and remark that the baby would be three years old today, or five, or ten. They play with the probabilities…the would have beens…could have beens… should have beens…
I hope you have found peace for days like these too.

The Pink/Blue Ribbon for miscarriages, SIDS, and stillbirths


4 responses to “In honor of Dex

  1. I have another brother very few know about. He (he’s always been a boy, even though she had no idea) would be 24 in November, and my mom still grows wistful about it every fall.

  2. Wow! That’s a mind blower, isn’t it? To think you’d have a 24 year old brother? I wonder what he’d have been like.

  3. Most likely a royal pain in the ass like his predecessor.

  4. And having his “movies” sent to your address so your mom wouldn’t see them. LOL!!!

    Last night, John and I talked about what would it be like to have a six year old running around the house. John realized we’d be those parents at WalMart buying school supplies! Just think; we could have been the obnoxious ones saying we couldn’t stand in lines at Disney because the kid has ADD. 😉

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