The life of a Chubindales wife….

So many people have asked… What’s it like?  And I always answer….

….I have one of the most difficult, but rewarding, livings because I’m married to one of the Chubindales founders. And he’s not just a club President; he’s a dancer too:

I think Cathy, wife of Six-Pack, would agree with me that it’s not an easy life.  You lose your privacy when you’re married to a famous celebrity, and the dirt that the supermarket tabloids make up can put a real strain on your relationship. I think the worse, for us, was the scandal about Angelina Jolie dumping Brad Pitt for my husband.  I had to backhand her and tell her, “Stuff your Thundelina, Jolie!”  Then she tried to adopt our dogs away from me and Lizzie away from Cathy so that she could add to her “diversified family”.  (Cathy taking her down was fun sight to see.)

Plus, people are always asking: “Doesn’t all the women pawing at him bother you?” Of course it can, especially when they recognize him off the stage and think they can still shove money down his drawers. Not to mention, you have no life of your own. I’m “Mrs. Thunder”, not Erin, with no individual identity or life to call my own. HIS life is my life.

The difficult thing that people don’t think of is: it’d be too easy for “love” to become just work for him since that’s what he does at the office. And when he has women like Angelina throwing themselves at him and then trying to adopt away his family so they can have “a slice of Chubindale to cherish at home”, you start to feel like, how can I compete with that?

But knowing that I’m doing what I’m meant to do, making a happy, safe home with those 3 cherub faces waiting at the door to greet him, providing the place for him to retreat to after the spotlights, means HE gets to do what God has called him to do: bring great happiness and spread unending joy. There’s no greater reward in life. I may have no identity of my own, but being Mrs. Thunder means serving a higher purpose.

Plus, knowing that I’m the woman that he reserves, for me alone, the body that so many women crave….. there’s nothing hotter than that.

One response to “The life of a Chubindales wife….

  1. O-mi-goodness! What a life you lead. Sorta like a Disney-esque prince meets WWF. Is there a Chubindales Jr. I can join?

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