Say it proud! It sucks to be me!

It’s amazing how many people are going through really bad times.  I know two other people who lost their moms like I have.   Another friend almost got laid off and 35 people in her company did.  Others have had to have surgery or other health scares.  My brother, a robotics engineer with 30 years experience, got kicked out of his job in 2000 because HP went overseas; he came home from our mom’s funeral to find his water heater was broken and needed replacing; a week later, I let him know our stepfather cut us off.  My friend in Oregon has serious nervous system problems so that she constantly has extreme seizures; her company doesn’t give health benefits, so she has to pay for her own AND had to wait 4 months before they would see her or they would have classified it as an existing condition.  NOW she can’t work because of the seizures and when she can’t work, she can’t afford health insurance so she can’t get treatment to stop the seizures so she can work!

That’s when you either have a friend who has to tell you their life stinks to the point you can’t even get a word in that you’re feeling really low and could use a chance to talk instead of them shoving your high spirits even lower into the sewer.  OR they send you one of those emails about how people are starving in Ethiopia and aren’t you lucky that you had a breakfast bar that morning!

And don’t tell me things can get worse because then they do!  Stop jinxing me!

(You can hear the rant building up, can’t you?  I’m reaching Lewis Black levels.)

Well, guess what.  I am lucky not to be starving or any of those other people, but that doesn’t mean life is all sunshine and rainbows.  And if we all just keep bottling in that need to vent because we’re not starving in Ethiopia, it’s no wonder we have blood pressure problems!

So I’m starting a rally where everyone who is having a bad time gets to shout it out without someone giving them guilt or happy-happy-joy-joy speeches!

So how is your life?!  Struggling to pay bills at a crappy job where your boss is a Burgermeister Meisterburger?  With a two hour commute in slow moving traffic just so you can get pulled over for having something hanging from your rearview mirror?

How about the fact that we’re supposed to be so grateful that gas prices are triple what they were when the lies about the need to hike them started, instead of quadruple!

How about the economy blows and you can’t afford to buy a bag of Doritos because that’s now a luxury item only to turn on the TV and see the political conventions spending THOUSANDS for 2 guys who already have the nomination to leave their multi-billion dollar campaigns to talk about how much they understand your money problems?!

Then rally behind me with Avenue Q’s perfect anthem: It sucks to be me! If you don’t know it, watch the video and join me afterwards:

Come on, rant with me!  Purge the system of all those bad feelings in one massive pity party!

It sucks to be me!

I didn’t even vote for the jerks who screwed everything up!  Either time!

It sucks to be me!

I voted for the jerks in 2004 who were supposed to fix things and didn’t!

I say it

My favorite line!


Say it loud! And don’t feel guilty!

It sucks to be me!

Whew!  That’s better.  Now we can move forward.

One response to “Say it proud! It sucks to be me!

  1. It sucks to be you!!
    But at last you get to snuggle up next to this man-beast everynight.
    E’nuf said

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