Bad cakes are funny

They are.   Really. For example, take a look at James Lileks’ look at this cake cookbook, Party Cake Houses.

This book hails from 1956, an era before every corner grocery could turn out perfectly decorated cakes on request. The homemaker was on her own. Fine – in these circumstances, one needed all the ideas you could get. Helpful hints were welcome.  But this book consists of one idea, one premise, one motif, one unswerving certainty: people want nothing more than cakes in the shape of a house, and they don’t want anything else.
Ready? Let’s start baking our own leavened Levittown. But first . . . well, you’ll see.

One cake a month, each in the shape of a house, and each with a motif for the month.

Yes, for your first cake, spend an entire afternoon lettering the months of the year with a tiny nozzle. Top with a buttery Lincoln fetus!

With the laughs I’ve gotten from Lilek’s site, I was really happy when my friend Preston showed me Cake Wrecks.  The great thing about Jen’s blog is, she knows what makes great humor.  It’s not just funny pictures:

It’s the great commentary to go with it that makes for really good humor.

I Believe the Children are Our Future

“Teach them well and LET them lead the way,
Show them all the [juvenile delinquency] they possess insiiiiide

Because every four-year-old is searching for a hero, that’s why. And if that hero can bus’ a cap with his 9 mil (check the photo), so much the better.

Play on, Lil’ Derrick: play on.

So as we celebrate paying only triple the price for gas…

Yay!  Triple!  We’re only paying triple for gas!

… go have a laugh at Jen’s Cake Wrecks and at Lilek’s Party Cake! Party Cake! Baker’s Shame!, and feel good about yourself.  You didn’t make these atrocities!


One response to “Bad cakes are funny

  1. I love the ‘nobody loves’ cake. I might try that on my unassuming husband and hopefully that’ll distract him from work!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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