Don’t go, Summer!

I hate to see summer end.  As much as I love having a day off on Monday (and wish I had a whole week off), I don’t want to see September come.

Summer is freedom.  It means no school buses on the road and a lot less traffic so my commute is much easier. Summer is the top down on my convertible and dashing around with the breeze lifting troubles away or at least easing them.  Summer is long hours of daylight so you don’t feel like the day’s gone as soon as you leave work. It’s custard stands and the drive-in movie theater and Riversharks baseball. It’s camping in our RV and the smell of campfires and utter relaxation. Summer is the shore and the boardwalks and the sound of seagulls under a warm sun and the ocean breezes.

Even with bad gas prices and a hard economy the last few summers cutting down on how much we do, the fact is that it’s still there, that freedom.

I hate to see it leave.


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