Computers – ugh!

I’ve been wrestling with an infected computer at home. I’ve run more spyware fixes and done more booting into safe mode than I want to see again! I have most of it cleaned up, but one thing is still dragging down the speed.

One spyware software that’s billed as the only thing to remove what we had, Spy Hunter, said we had nothing. NOTHING! Even as popups and whole sorts of garbage kept showing up. So I got an updated version of Spy Sweeper which got rid of everything except virtumonde, which keeps getting installed again. As I wrestle with that through virtufix, I contacted Spy Hunter and asked for a refund explaining how it didn’t even detect anything. They said they don’t give refunds and sometimes, these kind of problems happen.

That’s it. You’re out of luck and we keep your money. Maybe we can call you and see if we can make it work… maybe.

As I snarl at that, I’m at least glad Spy Sweeper did so much, and for the folks at Major Geeks as I wrestle with this stupid bug.

Time to reboot again….


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