Childhood TV shows

Some of us at work were sitting around, congratulating ourselves on being from those superior generations that had the GOOD cartoons and Saturday morning shows.  We proudly declared how we’d get up and be plastered to the TV until noon.  And we could claim we were superior because of those two magic words: Looney Tunes.

None of us come from the generation that first loved Bugs Bunny, but we still laughed at those cartoons from the 40s.  It didn’t matter to me if they made references that I didn’t understand like gas rationing; if a plane stopped falling in the middle of the air because of gas rationing, you got it.  And they had newer cartoons: The Bugs Bunny and Road Runner Show as an example.  Bugs ruled.  I can’t even watch when Family Guy does their violent Looney Tunes; it ruins something for me that needs to be left alone.

So of course we felt superior! Our stuff was so much better! Pokemon?!  Bugs would have whipped one of those guys and it would have been brilliant.  Don’t get me wrong.  You know I’m still a big cartoon lover and always will be.  Spongebob, Cosmo and Wanda, the new George of the Jungle, Kim and Ron and Rufus….  I’ll be in that old folks home with a mouth like Sophia on the Golden Girls, but watching cartoons…. and a lot of you will be saying move over so you can join me in front of the holographic TV.

We had all the great shows!  Starblazers, Marine Boy, Speed Racer….  We had Run, Joe, Run for god sakes!  Do you, kids of today, have an army dog accused of murder and running from the people who will put him to sleep, unless his handler can prove his innocence?  I thought not!

And then…..

….we remembered…..


Sigmund and the Sea Monsters.  It was BIG!  If you’re in a certain age group, you watched it too.  Yes, you did!  Don’t lie!  People aren’t posting all those videos of it on youtube because I was the only kid who tuned in every Saturday morning!

The really shocking thing is how much of it came out of the depths of my memory as I watched that intro.  I actually caught myself singing silently and Johnny and Scot are friends.   We laugh as we watch it, and who wouldn’t?  LOOK at it!  Watching bits of it will send you into hysterics.  Watching a whole episode or two will make us shoot ourselves in the head.  Some shows don’t stand the test of time.  Sigmund isn’t Bugs.

And then, there’s these guys:

Click here: can you guess?

Oh yeah, Land of the Lost! The first time I ever thought someone on TV was cute, it was Will on LotL.  You’re not going to believe it, but they’re making a movie out of it for next year.   I can’t see how it’ll equal all of us kids getting a shiver at hearing Sleestaks approaching.

Some of our shows were good just because they had a rockin’ theme songs.  Like The Banana Splits; the song is the only thing I remember.  That and the live action mixed with cartoon segment, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, where every villain looked like Injun Joe.

So, today’s kids!  We have been humbled!  You got some good ones, we have some good ones, and the rest are good for a laugh.

Like these guys:

The Shazam - Isis Magic Hour

The Shazam - Isis Magic Hour


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