What sounds like a turkey and you sleep inside of it?

The Gobbler motel!

Every decade seems to have these things where we say: oh my god, who came up with that piece of cr– garbage?!  I think it takes almost a century before we stop looking back and seeing the horror.  I haven’t heard anyone say “In the 20s, people thought it was great to–, but it was really cr– garbage!”

The Gobbler is one of those things.   In the abstract shape of a turkey, serving a Thankgiving type dinner in the restaurant 365 days a year, and decorated in everything hideous that was around for that time period.  It’s like Ed Wood’s Plan 9 from Outer Space: it’s so bad, it’s wonderfully funny.

Especially because James Lileks does the website.  I mentioned another section he did; The Gobbler was actually the first thing I read of his.  Someone sent me the link, and I laughed sometimes until my sides hurt.

Let’s see what the pamphlet says about this one . . .

“With Regular Bed, in Blue or Red, It Still Says I Love You . . .”

Regular bed? no. It’s like sleeping in a flocked Stonehenge. But it has plastic chairs; that counts for something. Unlike most of the Gobbler rooms, however, this one appears to be drawn, not photographed; perhaps this was where fictional characters stayed. You can just imagine some Ralph Bakshi vixen curled up in that blue cocoon.

And I’m a big enough Trek geek to love this joke:

Each room also has exterior doors that lead to Greater Wisconsin – and, thanks to new dual-use technology, lead right back inside again! Of course, you’ll want to linger outside and take in the splendor of the Gobbler. While you’re out there, say hello to Sargon and his wife on the poles.

Plus a Star Wars joke:

Why, yes, they do have a lot of rooms done up in blue, now that you mention it. This room might not be to your liking; the bed was reserved for double-amputees. Other folks, well, their legs just hang right off the end. Actually, it’s not a bed at all; it’s Jabba the Hutt’s potty-training chair with a new slip-cover.

If you need a laugh, and who doesn’t, check out the rest that’s so wonderfully terrible about The Gobbler!


2 responses to “What sounds like a turkey and you sleep inside of it?

  1. that’s great…what will people think of next? Nevermind – I don’t want to know…

  2. Omigod! I could live there. I want to live there! Well, at least stay there a week. It’s so wonderfully kitschy!

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