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I saw that a number of readers come here for the All Ears info, so I added a section to the sidebar with the projects I’m working on for the site.   I updated Fort Wilderness page with new information (the golf cart information is brand new; no one else has it).  I saw people on other forums say how much the pet information under Fort Wilderness helped them out.  I was so thrilled that something I did made a difference!

And you might have seen the Photopass page announcement:

Thanks to AllEars.Net Team Member Erin Blackwell, the AllEars.Net page on Disney’s PhotoPass has been completely overhauled with updated details. Look for a complete listing of PhotoPass locations, as well as tips on how to get the most out of this convenient Disney photograph service.

I made all the news announcements!  The page does have items that no other site has; for example, as of its update, no other site but All Ears gives you the only Disney maps with the Photopass photographer locations.  We also have tables listing those locations, tips for them, and what character will be added to the photos for the special magic poses.  We also give you the money saving pre-order CD link and all of the Photopass contact information, including email addresses other sites don’t have.

Sorry for the bragging.  I’m done. 🙂

I also do the menus, and just found out how much people watch these.  A reader sent their photos in with the lunch and dinner menus switched, so they went online that way. Within an hour, we had at least 6 emails about it!  And this was for a place that supposedly isn’t one of the “popular” places!

I am proud to say that, thanks to our readers and our teams, our menus are much more up to date than other sites I’ve seen.

I’m making a list of photos and data that I’m going to gather on on my next trip, but remember: the All Ears team wants to hear from the guests!  If you’re eating at a place and know the menu is different, please grab a photo and send it to us.  If some detail changes at your resort, let us know!  We do have team members right there,  and we have alerts set up so we hear news announcements, but readers can help so much!

And remember!  Deb is having an All Ears newsletter survey.  Any helpful comments are welcome; let us know what you like and what you would like to see.  Things like, “That Erin Blackwell did a ROCKIN’ fantastic job on the Photopass page.” or “These menus — and that Fort Wilderness page — WOW!” will help a lot. 


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