All scoop: Disney DVC announces Bay Tower

Everybody knew about The Contemporary DVC section – Bay Tower long before this announcement, but now it’s finally official.  They’ve also announced the Treehouse Villas.

All has the scoop on the DVC Bay Tower interior photos, so check it out.


3 responses to “All scoop: Disney DVC announces Bay Tower

  1. If my mom wins the lottery , she’d completely buy into Bay Tower. She loves the Contemporary.

    Meanwhile, I’m ACHING to go back to WDW. Mom wants to go to Super Soap weekend again in November – I really can’t afford it this year. Been trying to live without the use of credit cards. Which is good since they’re all maxed out. (See: 3 trips to WDW in 2007.) WM and I want to go April 2009. But that’s Sooooo far away.

    I’m buying a lottery ticket today.

  2. I knew I was jealous of you for a reason: 3 trips top the world in 2007! 😉

    But good for you for getting your credit cards down!!

    And if you win the lottery, remember me!

  3. ..and since I AM a DVC member, maybe I’ll plan next trip to stay there…:)

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