Castles in the Sand

My mom gave me a gift last year.  This art print by Steve Hanks:

I had found it and printed it out to show her because, believe it or not, the girl in it looks just like me at that age.  I even had a similar bathingsuit.  And at the age, I kept asking Mom to show me how to make castles like that where you drizzle the sand with some water through your fingertips.  I couldn’t do it; clumps would drop down like bombs onto the castle and she tried to show me again, until I’d basically do the body and she’d do the towers.  I felt so triumphant the day I finally could do it myself.

The print summarized so many feelings; it put into one image everything about that point in our lives.  Now, of course, I’m even more glad I have it and that it came from her.  Just like the gift of all those glorious days.


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