Happy Birthday to my husband!

I think I’m enjoying his birthday almost as much as he is, since he not only got my birthday wishes, but our friends are sending wonderful messages too.  Some of their creativity is great!

Our one friend on Tagrel loves hearing John sing, especially Mack the Knife.  So she made this birthday greeting for him:

(A little birthday song to the tune of Mack the Knife)

Oh this kid has pretty knees, dear
And he shows em pearly white
On his birthday he’s McChic, dear
And he’s such a hit of the site

When McChic strikes up a pose with
Scarlet boas that knock you dead
Fancy hats too has McChic, dear
So you never ever see his bald head

Out in Hershey, one summer Sunday
Sits these bodies, oozin’ style
Somewhere Tim Gunn’s screaming murder
You beat his Runway by a mile

Now your birthday, time to celebrate it, dear
With a spoof that is all kinds of wrong
You know it’s sent with my good intentions
Please forgive cutting up your favorite song

So kookie moley, and roguepony, Cathy Big Red, and your good friend John

Hey the line forms, on the right dear
To wish Happy Birthday Johnnyblack!

Blackie’s back in town!

That still blows me away!!

And then our friend in Trenton, also named John, and Photoshopper extraordinaire:

Happy Birthday, JB!

I feel bad that I only got him a couple cards.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart!



2 responses to “Happy Birthday to my husband!

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  2. OMG! Your friends are as crazy and you and John! I L-O-V-E the “pearly white” knees and the reference to John finally making a sale (on page 69 none-the-less). Hillarious!!! Oh, and Happy Birthday, John!!!!!!!

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