That’s REVEREND Erin, if you don’t mind!

It’s been a big week for announcements.  I haven’t gotten my breath back yet from all the earth shattering news.

Clay Aitkens is gay?! CLAY?!  …. gay?!

Okay, the only surprise I felt was finding out he had a kid.  I didn’t know that.  Cute baby.

And THEN, Obama and McCain announced that they were going to stop campaigning so they could *gasp* do their job!  I know, right?!  You want to yell, SHUT UP! That can’t be true!  Instead of only doing one third of their job, they’re going to do 100% of it?!  Can you imagine if I went to my boss and said, Hey!  Instead of me running around the country, interviewing for a new job, paying those expenses with other people’s money, doing 1/3 of the work you hired me to do but getting my full paycheck, I am going to do all the work you hired me to do….  well, I’m sure he’d jump out, give me a big bear hug, and say “I’m not worthy!”

Thank goodness it only ended up that the two of them went to one meeting, because if they actually did their whole job, I don’t know if my heart could have handled it.  I’m out of shape, you know.

Will all of this going on, I figured this is a good time to drop my own bombshell.  I’m becoming a minister.

Genuflect, baby.

Ok, seriously, I don’t want to sound disrespectful to true ministers.  What I’m actually doing is becoming able to perform ceremonies such as weddings.  I can do them now, but this way, they’ll be legal, and that’s always a good thing.

I’ve been thinking about this for months, ever since a friend of mine talked about how hard it is for some loving couples to have someone perform the ceremony.  If “society” doesn’t approve for its long list of reasons, they put pressure on the ministers, judges, and other authorized people to not marry these couples.

That’s wrong.  If a couple is committed to each other and wants the legal protection for their rights as a couple, society should keep their hypocritical noses out of it.  I would not want someone getting in the way of me getting married.

So I figured I shouldn’t just talk about it, but do something about it.  With me licensed to perform marriages, society can’t put pressure on me like civil servants, because I am not elected.  They can’t threaten to withold votes.  And as I don’t have a church, they can’t threaten to cut off my funding through the congregation.  It’s just me, signing your marriage license so you too can have a true partnership with all its rights.  I even have the beginnings of a great “sermon” and a variety of wonderful vows if you want to do a ceremony.

It’s been wonderful researching this and discovering the other people who are doing it.  For some couples, it’s a way to have a close friend or someone in their family as an integral part of their wedding.  I really am enjoying reading all these different people taking this path.

I started with the first steps last night.  I plan to investigate everything I need to do to be legal for my state at least, and then talk to my friend who first sparked this for me.  If they think it’s a good idea, I’ll do the rest of the steps.


Tongue in cheek, if you want one of the more unique ceremonies, hey, I got married in an old Vaudeville theater! I totally understand your need to have a ceremony and vows that reflect you.  So if you want to be like the couple who went down the water slide, I am so with you.  If you want to dress up like the Renaissance period or Klingons or Jedi Knights or the cast of Friends, I’m there.  Something like skydiving… we’ll talk.


2 responses to “That’s REVEREND Erin, if you don’t mind!

  1. I’ve heard some people get married in the buff…except John couldn’t go cause those white knees might reflect the flash and ruin the pictures. LOL

  2. I’ll need a membership to a gym and a tanning salon. 🙂