Congratulations, Ann!!

Speaking of weddings….

My sister-in-law, Ann, just got engaged!  John told me last night that she told him and sent a photo of her ring last week (hey, he’s your brother, Ann!).  They’re looking at next March 31 as a wedding date. Is that right, Ann?  All right, party time!

Look!  You can have your cake topper look just like you!


4 responses to “Congratulations, Ann!!

  1. Thank you! Yes we are planning next March…but we are pretty sure the 21st! Hell time!!!!!

  2. Oh by the way…that cake topper is freakin scarey…and those are the pretty people…imagine what it would look like with us common folk…LOL!!

  3. How is that reverend class going….will you be ready for March 2009…please let me know…give me a call

  4. Really?! I shouldn’t definitely be ready by March. I’ll look into the details and let you know.

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