Kristen Claus is coming to town!

It’s October 1st and you know what that means!  CHRISTMAS!

No, you’re right. It’s far from my mind too.  I’m not even thinking about Halloween yet.  But!  I am doing a children’s play for the holidays where I play Kristen Claus, Santa’s daughter! 

WHAT?!  You didn’t know Santa has a daughter?! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!  What a maroon!

OK, I didn’t know either, until I did Help Wanted! Santa! the first time.  I’m not even sure if I have her name right; it might be Crystal, but I think it’s Kristen.

It’s a kid’s show written by someone local where Santa (that’s him -> ) starts thinking that he can’t do this forever.  But who can be Santa’s successor?  Kristen (moi -> ) wants to carry on the family business, but Santa thinks the job requires a guy.  He seeks out people like Marvel Man to take over the reins.  (Ha, get it?!  Reins?)  What will happen?  Will Santa be his jolly old self  and pass the family tradition to sweet adorable Kristen, his loving daughter, or will Santa be a chauvinist pig and destroy Kristen’s one dream? I won’t want spoil it by giving away the ending!

We perform the show on the first weekend of December, and then I leave for Florida!

And while we’re speaking of Christmas, someone put a catalog in our company kitchen (the alliteration here is fantastic!), featuring ornaments and crafts.  Maybe it’s just me, but in these “Nativity Jingle Bell Ornaments”, Baby Jesus….

…looks like he’s strapped down to a Cheezit with First Aid tape (which is over a very sensitive area.  Be careful pulling that off!)  And if you stood him up, he’d be as tall as Joseph.  Poor Mary, giving birth to such a large infant.  It’s a wonder she can smile like that.

And if I’m being sacrilegious, then Kim S. is going to hell with me, because she’s the one who named this “Jeezit”. I’m only the one who laughed like a hyena at that.

But I am the one who said Jesus, in this ornament, also looks like a Timbertoes from Highlights Magazine…. a Timbertoes with a bike helmet on.

Oh, if you going to go to the Highlights website, use this link.  It has interactive Goofus and Gallant adventures!

Gallant babysits his little brother with great care.

Goofus puts his little brother in the dryer.


2 responses to “Kristen Claus is coming to town!

  1. Erin,

    I am quite pleased to hear that I will not be attending hell alone. Long live the Jeezit!

    – Toots

  2. So, you guys wanted me to keep you posted on what’s going on and since I didn’t get out of the hospital until after you all were released for the weekend, I figure I let you know on here and you can pass on the news to Zucco.

    Basically, they dunno what’s wrong with me, but prescribed me some Vicadin to take away the pain. Ain’t workin’ yet! Oh well, Kyle took me to Walmart afterward and I bought string and beads, so I’m gonna make my own necklaces to hopefully remedy my pain instead . . . that’ll show my stupid abdomen! I’ll share more of my “merry” news with you two ladies on Monday.

    Have a good weekend, Kranks! 🙂

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