Man saves dog from shark

This guy is my hero!  I want to be him when he grows up!

He has this little terrier.  It scares me how much this dog looks like Casey, because it makes me picture her being attacked.

Little Jake having a swim

Little Jake having a swim

A shark attacks his dog, and the guy jumps in and punches the shark until it takes off.

“I clenched my fists and dove straight in with all my strength, like a battering ram,” carpenter Greg LeNoir, 53, said Sunday, reliving the frightening ordeal. “I hit the back of the shark’s neck. It was like hitting concrete.”

“The shark put almost all of Jake in his mouth, except for his head and three of his legs…. When I saw the shark engulf him, I thought, `This can’t be the end.’ ”

Both Greg and puppy dog Jake made it to shore where Greg rushes his dog to a vet hospital.  Jake is going to be fine:

Jake after attack at hospital

Jake after attack at hospital

I can imagine what it was like for this guy:

Greg and little Jake

Greg and little Jake

It would have been instinctual to do something.  I would have to.  If a shark attacked me, I’d FREAK.  But if I saw it or anyone else hurting my dogs, I’d get Ninja Poptart on their a– butt, because that would just be the instinct: rush in and save them.  And the guy did the right thing: I have a diver’s license and they talked to us about different fish to be wary of, including sharks.  If we wanted to be gutsy and tell the shark to take off, “whack them in the snout or the gills.  They’ll leave.  There’s easier targets for them to dine on.”

Of course, with my luck, the headline wouldn’t be




“She tasted like chicken,” says Shark.

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