My aunt’s in the hospital

I only have one aunt: my mom’s younger sister.  She had a heart attack on Saturday; the doctors think one of her older stints needs to be replaced because some blockage has grown around it.  She had pain this whole weekend and is on morphine for it.  She’s scheduled to have her procedure this morning; my cousin Tom will call to let us know how she’s doing.  I talked to her last night; she sounded tired and a little concerned, of course, especially because the pain had came back.  But she has a good outlook on it.  She doesn’t want to bring back memories of Mom, so she had hesitated to say anything to us, but I said that of course we wanted to know.  We love her and we’re going to be thinking of her.

I wish my cousin would call though.  It’d be nice to know everything worked out well today.

UPDATED – Tuesday at noon:

My aunt needs a bypass!  She’ll have it Wednesday; they needed to “clear the drugs from her system” — makes her sound like a crack addict — before they can do the surgery because they had her on strong blood thinners.  She then has at least another week in the hospital, then has to stay in a recovery therapy program for another 2 weeks at least before she can go home.  So she’s looking at about a month if everything goes well.

I’m going to see her tonight; she sounded glad that I was coming.

I’m worried about her, but I know bypass surgery isn’t the huge risky thing it used to be.  Still…. scary.


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