Hangin’ with my fuzzy homies

The hubby was away at the RV Trade Show in Edison this past weekend. You know what that means!  PARTY TIME!!  WHOO HOO!!

Um, no.  I actually just relaxed all weekend which means me and the pups chillin’ around the house.

It started with them helping me out by “making” the bed.

The perfect nest

The perfect nest

Morgan looks especially comfy, doesn’t she?  That’s because she’s right in front of the fan: her favorite spot. She gets that from me.  I sleep with a fan on all year ’round; I have for years, starting when my mom was first snoring in her room next door, and I turned on my fan to block the sound.

Here’s a better shot of Morgan and her favorite fan:

This is heaven!

This is heaven!

I’m stunned the dogs are lined up like that.  Usually they’re spread out.

I know what you’re thinking.  That’s one big honkin’ fan!  And it is; last year, our air conditioning died and we brought out this shop fan to cool down the room.  I fell in love with it and don’t want to give it up.  When I don’t turn it on, Morgan pants like she’s boiling to death.  John calls it “The Vortex”.

So Friday I just chilled out at home.  I broke the rule and left the dogs out all day while I was at work instead of their crates.  I’ll know John has read this post when I get the email saying, “Yo did WHAT?!”  But the dogs were good and someday, he’ll (hopefully) forgive me.

Saturday was busier.  I had been looking for a part time job when someone at work stopped selling Avon.  That would work with my schedule better since I have the kids’ show and a vacation in December.  And if it doesn’t work out, then I can do something else after the holidays.

I had to meet my rep to get everything started.  It’s pretty easy, because so much is online now.  People can even order online through my own Avon site and have things delivered to their houses (or me, if they’d rather).  That money will go to the vacation fund and to help around the house.  Anyway, it was at Dunkin Donuts which was great because that means COFFEE!

One woman needed a ride to a bank, so I volunteered thinking it was a couple miles away.  A half hour later…. LOL!  On top of it, this very sweet young woman, weighing about 350 pounds, and I start sharing where we’d like to travel, like Italy. She wants to go there, she tells me, because of the famous nude beach there.  I blinked. But she wasn’t kidding; she’s been to the one in Cancun.  Now, I’m about 15 pounds overweight and hide my cellulite even from John, as much as possible.  I don’t wear even wear shorts anymore!  But she’s working it on a nude beach.  Good for her!  That’s the way we should be about our bodies: comfortable in them.  She said, “You wouldn’t believe the characters you meet and the things on a nude beach.”  I bet!

I headed for the Collingswood Book Fair after that:

I was armed with a list of books I was hoping to get and two escorts:

I dont know about books, but we smell food this way!

I don't know about books, but we smell food this way!

….Just got back from a meeting where a co-worker complained about the “weird animal people” in his condo complex.  You know, “they talk to their pets” and take them places.  Boy, I hate people like that!

But back to the book fair.  The Scientologists had a HUGE tent set up with floor to ceiling displays with pictures of Scientologists out in the community, helping people.  I considered asking them why didn’t they have a photo of Tom Cruise, but decided against it.

Some areas were set up for local authors while others features a particular genre, like childrens, sci-fi, and Christian.  They also had people there for face painting, Greyhound Rescue…

… plus food services and the regular merchants.  Nice to see Mickey is helping the fight against Breast Cancer, not to mention getting kids free food:

Other people had apparently held up paperback exchanges, judging by the amount of books they had.  So I had a good time browsing, stopping for people to pet the dogs, and playing another round of the popular game show: What Kind of Dog is That?

Me: Elphie is a terrier and pug mix.  Yeah, you can tell by her tail.  Morgan was abandoned so they couldn’t tell us her background when we adopted her.  No, we just don’t know.  She could be part collie, we don’t know.  Shephard, yeah. Yep, husky is a possibility.  We just don’t know.  Really.

I’m not as cynical as I sound.  I love it when the dogs get attention and answering the questions.

Then it was time for something to eat.  Collingswood has FANTASTIC restaurants!

Tortilla Press which I can highly recommend:

The Pop Shop, which my friend Kim D recommends:

And Joe Pesce, which I’m sure is great, but I haven’t been there:

None of these places are pet friendly, no surprise.  I didn’t mind not eating in the restaurants; I knew that I couldn’t with the dogs.  No big deal.  I ate before I came and, after all, I am one of those weird animal people. 😉

But Morgan and Elphie can heartily recommend the Rainbow Grill Hot Dog cart, where it was time for a snack:

MMMM!  Grilled, not boiled!

MMMM! Grilled, not boiled!

…and a drink:

Icy cold!  And my own cup!

Icy cold! And my own cup!

This brought more people around for hugs and pets.  We made one little boy’s day as he jumped up and down: They kissed me!  They kissed me! Another woman happily said the day had been like a dog show, because so many people brought their dogs, and she was loving every minute of it.

Too soon, it was over:

So we packed up in the car and headed home:

Whew!  Buying books and getting petted is tiring!

Whew! Buying books and getting petted is tiring!

Not me!  Im wide awake!

Not me! I'm wide awake!

OK, Im laying down, but Im still smiling!

OK, I'm laying down, but I'm still smiling!

I felt bad about leaving Casey at home, but I knew she wouldn’t have been able to keep up with the walking around.  I saw someone with an older dog in a little cart; oh man, if Casey found out about that.  She’d love nothing better than to have me push her little Canine American Princess butt around!

Hmph!  Im only talking to you because you brought me a treat!  My DADDY would have taken me!

Hmph! I'm only talking to you because you brought me a treat! My DADDY would have taken me!

I bought enough Chinese food for three people and ate myself into a stupor.  Sunday was cleaning and, as I already said, going to see my stepfather and then finding out about my aunt.

John got home around 6:30, very tired but having sold 7 RVS at the show!!  So it was a quiet night, and a great weekend.


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