Gray skies are going to clear up….

Oh really?

Here, it’s one bad thing after another.

My aunt had bought tickets for a Broadway show for a bunch of us back in May.  It was a thank you gift for me and a few others, a sister date for her and my Mom, and so on.  Then my mom…. you know….

and then my aunt had her heart attack.  I contacted the ticket broker explaining that, even though we know it says no exchanges,  we had an emergency situation.  My aunt wouldn’t be ready to go (the tickets were for the 25th).  He said he’d take care of it and I sent him the tickets.

He claimed he never got him; that the post office lost them.  That’s certainly possible, but John wondered if the guy lied, turning them around and making a double sale.

Either way, I feel horrible.  I was so thrilled that I had taken care of this, my aunt thanked me and said how proud she was, and then, it got all screwed up.  I feel sick.

We called the theater, but they can’t legally tell us if someone used those tickets.  They suggested my aunt report them lost or stolen with her credit card; she’s going to try, but doesn’t count on it.

I was going to buy new tickets, but they’re $700 and I can’t do that right now.  So I finally had to call my aunt and tell her the truth.  She doesn’t blame me, she thinks the same thing as John, but I know that whether it was the Post Office or ticket broker who threw a wrench in the works, I screwed up.  I could have avoided this.



One response to “Gray skies are going to clear up….

  1. Ugh. Seriously…what kind of ritual do we have to do to break this bad streak?

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